We’re Houston House Buyers and Can Solve Your Mechanic’s Lien Problem

You may have had work done on your house as a result of storm damage, but the costs exceeded the original estimate, and now you can’t pay the bills. Or, you may have started a remodeling project only to find you money ran out before the project was finished. If you are unable to pay for mechanical work (labor, materials, and equipment) done on your property, the people to whom you owe money can place a mechanic’s lien on your property. With the devastating losses over the past year, this is a sad situation, but one for which there is an answer. We are True Cash Homes, and as Houston house buyers we can help you if you have had a mechanics lien filed against you.

When a contractor, sub-contractor or other is not paid for work done on your property, he or she may file a mechanic’s lien with the County Clerk’s office. The claim may cover any labor, materials, or equipment which was expended on work on the property and for which the invoice has not been fully paid. If the lien is not paid, then the contractor may, ultimately, foreclose on the property and force its sale by bringing a lawsuit against the homeowner. Work stoppages on your property, as well as lost time and money, can all result if a company brings legal action against you. If you are dealing storm damage related work or simply remodeling or repairing your house, a mechanic’s lien can represent lots of stress, extra costs, and lost time.

We’re True Cash Homes, and we are Houston house buyers. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you get out from under the burden of problems with your house. If you have had a mechanic’s lien filed against you, placing your home on the market using a traditional real estate agent will be very difficult. Banks almost never lend money on a house that is encumbered with a lien. But a mechanic’s lien is not a problem for True Cash Homes. We’ll work with you, buy your house, and help reduce your stress and aggravation.

But first, you have to give us a call. Once we hear from you, we’ll collect some information on your situation, inspect your property to see if it’s right for our portfolio, then give you a no-obligation all-cash offer for your house. As Houston house buyers we can give you the very best offer possible. If you decide to take our offer, we’ll handle all the paperwork and arrange to close at a time and date of your choosing. In many cases, we can manage the entire process within seven days. You’ll be able to eliminate the stress and worry, have cash in your pocket, and be on your way.

True Cash Homes is a Houston house buyer of investment properties. We buy homes and properties for our portfolio and do not work as real estate agents. As a result, we do not need to find a buyer for your property; we are the buyer. We use our funds and, as a result, we can make you an offer and close on your home very quickly. We don’t care what condition your home is in, whether or not it needs repairs, whether there are liens on it, or, even, whether or not you are facing foreclosure. It’s not even necessary to mow the grass. Give us a call and discuss our fast and easy house buying process. Call today and talk with one of our professional staff. You’ll be glad you did; 346-444-1929.