We Are Houston House Buyers, and We Can Put Money in Your Pocket

Any of us can need money at any time. Suddenly a medical emergency comes up, or were laid off from our jobs. There’s not enough money to pay the expenses plus keep up the mortgage and maintenance on your houses. Other times, the need is not as dramatic, but just as real. We suddenly own two houses, one of which we do not want, because of an inheritance. Or, we hold a house jointly, which nobody wants because of divorce. All of these cases and others can be difficult and stressful. True Cash Homes is a Houston house buyer, and we are here to help you through these sorts of stressful situations.

We are not real estate agents. If you have a house that you don’t want, you have the option of listing it with a real estate agent. A long-term listing contract may not be your best choice, however, because agents must find you a buyer then work out all the details of the sale. Using a real estate agent takes time, sometimes months before your house sells. In some cases (it is estimated to be around 15%) the homes never sell. True Cash Homes is a Houston house buyer so; you won’t have these problems with us. That’s because we are the buyers. We invest in houses for our portfolio, and we use our money to purchase homes. We don’t try to find some other buyer. Because of this there is virtually no waiting and hoping a buyer might come along. We are ready and able to act when you are ready to sell.

Whatever your situation is and whatever condition your house is in, we want to buy it. If you’re facing foreclosure, have tax or mechanic’s liens against you, need to complete expensive repairs or renovations, it doesn’t matter, we are interested in working with you. If you need to sell your house, we’re here to help you in Houston. House buyers working through real estate agents may or may not show up at your door ready to buy your house. We do because we buy houses for our account, so we are ready to take a look at your property now. If your property fits our business model, we’ll make you a free, no obligation all-cash offer.

At True Cash Homes, we treat each client with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Give us a call and tell us a little about your property. Because we are local Houston house buyers, we can arrange an immediate meeting to discuss your situation and look at your house. We’ll carry out an evaluation and, if your home fits our criteria, we’ll make you an immediate, no obligation, all cash offer. Then, it’s up to you. You can take the offer or leave it. If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll complete all the paperwork, pay all expenses, and close at a reputable title company on the day and time of your choosing. In many cases we can even evaluate your property and close within seven days. Now, that’s fast. You will walk away from all the stress, worry, and turmoil, and you’ll have cash in your pocket.

Give True Cash Homes a call today and speak with one of our trained consultants. They will be happy to answer all your questions, explain our process, and suggest the next steps. You owe it to yourself to talk with True Cash Homes to understand what options are available to you. Call today, 346-444-1929.