Sell Your House Fast for Cash: Five Advantages

There can be many reasons for selling your house. A foreclosure may be looming, you’ve suddenly been relocated, or the house needs expensive repairs that you can’t afford. Whatever the reason, the option of getting involved in a long term contract with a real estate agent has lots of disadvantage and may not be one you want to undertake. Selling your house through an agent can take months and can cost you money.

Fortunately, there are options available to sell your house fast for cash and get out from under all the stress and worry. True Cash Homes is a local Houston investment company that will buy your house fast for cash. We pay cash, pay all the closing costs, and we can close in as few as seven days.

There are many advantages of selling your house fast for cash. Here are five reasons you should consider before entering into a real estate contract.

1. When you sell your house fast for cash to an investment company such as True Cash Homes, once a deal has been made there is a high probability the sale will go through. With traditional real estate contracts, not only is there a significant amount of time involved, but generally the buyers must obtain financing and, if they cannot, the deal falls through.

2. When you sell to True Cash Homes, the entire transaction to purchase your home can take as few as seven days. The process is easy, quick, and you walk away with cash in your pocket. This type of sale is convenient and has the benefit of being over and done with very quickly.

3. Most ‘for cash’ purchases or are “as is,” purchases meaning the buyer accepts the house in its present condition. As the seller, you are not required to complete expensive repairs, cleanup, or landscaping. This can be a great benefit to a seller facing big bills for repairs they can’t afford.

4. In most cases, when you sell your house fast for cash, True Cash Homes will pay the closing costs of the transaction. From your point of view this saves time and money and speeds up the transaction. With a traditional real estate sale the closing costs are generally split between buyer and seller. For you as the seller, having to pay these costs cuts into the amount of money you receive.

5. Finally, an all-cash transaction provides a way to avoid problems such as foreclosures, late mortgage payments, tax requirements, or other obligations which might be attached to the house. The cash buyer will take all of these factors into consideration when making you a no obligation cash offer.

If you need to sell your house fast for cash in Houston or any of the surrounding areas, contact True Cash Homes at 346-444-1929. One of our professional staff will explain our process, gather some information, and set an appointment to meet with you. We will evaluate your property and, if it’s right for us, will make you a no obligation all cash offer. Should you decide to accept our offer we can set the closing date at your convenience. It’s time to stop worrying about those late payments and the possibility of foreclosure. Give True Cash Home a call today, 346-444-1929. You’ll be glad you did.