Retiring? It May Be Time to Sell Your House Fast for Cash

The Social Security Administration estimates that 10,000 people turn 65 every day. That’s more than 3 ½ million people a year that reach retirement age and ‘theoretically’ retire. Of course, many people retire earlier than 65 and many later, but, whatever the actual figure, lots of people are retiring every day. One problem many people face as they age is the requirements to maintain and manage their homes. Elderly citizens often have difficulties completing repairs, maintaining landscaping and, even, staying up with all the required cleaning.

If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to maintain your house, it may be time to sell your house fast. There are many options available to someone wishing to sell their homes; contracting with a real estate agent, selling it yourself, gifting it to a child, or selling to a real estate investor. There are advantage and disadvantages to each. Here are some tips to help with this decision.

  • Listing a house with a real estate agent can have advantages if you are willing to wait and can repair and upgrade your house to tip-top condition. Bear in mind that agents are middle-men that hope to find a buyer for your home. Many times this can take months, and statistics show that even when a buyer is found, around 15% of the potential sales fall through. If you want to sell your house fast and your house needs repairs or upgrading, then choosing a real estate agent may not be the best choice. Many seniors who are retiring would like to move on with their lives and prefer not to endure all the hassles and time requirements of placing their house with an agent.
  • Often individuals prefer to sell their homes themselves. When considering this option, remember that not only do you need to find a buyer, but you will also need to complete required repairs and maintenance. Locating a buyer under this option may be nearly impossible and months can go by with little interest. Many times selling a house under this approach can take even longer than with an agent. This is probably not the right option for you if you want to sell your house fast for cash.
  • Occasionally seniors choosing to downsize or relocate may gift their houses to their children. In this case, there are many tax implications, and an accountant or attorney should be consulted.
  • Finally, a fast and easy way to sell your house fast is to sell directly to a real estate house investor such as True Cash Homes. We are direct buyers of houses. You sell directly to us. We don’t use middlemen and there are no delays. True Cash Homes wants to purchase your house ‘as is’ whether it needs repairs or has been damaged by storms or flooding. Our process is quick, easy, and fair. If you or a loved one is a retiring senior and want to move quickly to relocate, without all the hassles of other options, please call True Cash Homes to explore selling to us today.

True Cash Homes is a Houston based real estate investment firm specializing in purchasing houses in the Houston area. We offer a quick response to any inquiry and can make you an offer on any property you want to sell, sometimes in as few as 24 hours. Not only that but if you choose to work with us, we can sometimes close as quickly as within seven days. Our quick and fast process can be an excellent benefit for seniors who are looking to move on to a new phase in their lives. To sell your house fast, give us a call today, 346-444-1929.