Need Fast Cash for Your House? You Have Options!

When you need fast cash for your house due to a pending foreclosure, repairs you can’t afford, court-ordered sale due to separation or divorce, or medical and other expenses that require immediate attention, we can help. We are Ture Cash Homes in Houston, TX and we buy properties in the Houston area with an all-cash agreement, oftentimes within a week.

What Are Your Other Options to Get Fast Cash for Your House?

#1 – Auction

You could sell your home at auction. Since many “fix and flip” contractors or investors will buy your property regardless of its condition, this could work to get fast cash for your house. However, you will need to pay the auctioneer whether they make a sale or not. Many auctioneers want three percent or more of the selling price or charge a flat fee when the home does not sell. Depending on the selling price, this could lead to thousands of dollars in expenses.

#2 – Agent

You could hire a hard-charging real estate agent to make a quick sale for all cash. Once again, you will pay up to 10 percent to the agent, if they’re able to make a deal. Even then, you will have to wait for approval and closing. The reason most agents get a percentage of the sale rather than a flat fee is that the nationwide average is 15 percent of homes never sell.

Due to increased mortgage rates, more houses on the market, and changes to tax laws, existing homes, especially those that need significant repairs, are not selling. FHA and VA home loan guarantees have strict funding requirements for “fixer-uppers” so the seller must make the repairs before the sale and theVA prohibits buying a home solely as an investment. This can be a major drawback to getting fast cash for your house.

#3 –Self Sale

Selling your home by yourself is by far the worse option of those three to get fast cash for your house. Although you won’t have to pay the auctioneer or agents fees, you won’t have the benefit of their advertising base or expertise. There is a fourth option, though.

#4 – True Cash Homes 

You can choose a family-owned and run property investment company who will make a full cash offer for your home now. No matter the condition, other liens or mortgages, pending foreclosure or bankruptcy, True Cash Homes can get you fast cash for your house.

Get Fast Cash for Your House

Fast cash for your house can help you pay those medical expenses, avoid foreclosure and get something back from all those years of mortgage payments, without costly repairs or cleanups. Call True Cash Homes, (832) 648-4481 today and an all-cash offer with no obligation. If you have further questions, send an our website to use the handy contact form.