I Was Flooded: Can I Still Get Cash for My House?

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone, but the misery it left behind will stay with us for months or, even, years. Virtually every person in Houston knows someone who was personally affected by the hurricane and the floods; property washed away, cars under water, and homes flooded. The devastation was evident both through news pictures and by just driving around town. Here at True Cash Homes we sympathize with anyone touched by the hurricane and offer our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


At True Cash Homes, we specialize in buying properties fast and giving you cash for your house. We don’t work through realtors because we are direct cash investors, using our own funds to invest in residential properties of all sorts and in all conditions. Our process is simple, straightforward, and quick. There’s no need for a middleman because we are the direct buyers of your home. When we buy a house, we talk directly to you, the homeowner, see if the home fits our investment profile, then make you an honest and fair all-cash offer. Once you accept the offer, we can close on the property in as few as seven days.  Then, you get cash for your house fast. Furthermore, as the seller, you can choose a date and time of closing that is convenient for you.


If your home was flooded during the recent disaster, we want to buy it, and we are interested in making you a fast, all-cash offer. It is not necessary for you to do any cleaning or fix-up, and there is no need to complete any house repairs or maintenance. We buy flooded homes in any condition, and we’ll pay cash for your house.


The devastation from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey was widespread across Houston and up and down the Texas and Louisiana coasts. If your house flooded, it might not be practical to list your home with a real estate agent. Even if that is the case, True Cash Homes is interested in talking with you. We can complete a quick assessment of your situation and make you an all-cash purchase offer for your house. Should you accept our offer, we can close on your house in as few as seven days, and you can select the date and time of closing of your choosing.


True Cash Homes is an investment firm specializing in purchasing houses in and around Houston. Because we use our money to buy properties you can get cash for your house. We can make fast, all-cash offers, and we complete the transaction in a matter of days. Also, we give you your cash as soon as the deal is closed.


If you have a house that you would like to sell because it was flooded or because of any other reason, give us a call at 832-648-4481 and speak with us. One of our professional staff will be happy to explain our process, take down some information about your property, and set up an appointment to talk with you. In this time of distress, it may be wise to get cash for your house and eliminating the problems of dealing with flood damage. Call us today: 832-648-4481.