I Inherited a House! Should I Sell My House Fast for Cash?

If you inherit a home, it can bring with it a long list of problems and stresses you do not typically have with your regular home. With an inherited house you suddenly have two houses to deal with, two lawns to mow, and possibly, two mortgages to pay. All of this comes at the time you might likely be dealing with the passing of someone who was close. It may be time to sell your house fast for cash.


The issues around selling an inherited home can be complicated due to the legal processes of probate and the subsequent distribution of assets. Nevertheless, once the house is titled in your name, you must then decide what route you want to take to manage it. Many factors are involved in determining how you will deal with your house including its condition, its location, and your financial status. Many people feel it is best to quickly sell your inherited property for cash to house investors for a quick sale and relief from all the stress. The feeling is that if you sell your house fast then this frees up cash you can use for other purposes.


When deciding upon the proper course of action for your inherited house, the following are the options you may want to consider.


  1. Sell the house through a real estate agent. If you select this option, be prepared to sign a real estate listing contract which could tie up your house for months before the house finally sells. Also, cost and fees using this approach quickly mound up and eat away at the amount of money you finally receive. Further, you will need to get the house in tip-top shape before listing it which means completing all repairs, doing all cleanup, and finishing any necessary landscaping.


  1. Rent your house. If you choose to rent your house, you will need to learn to be a landlord. Being a landlord involves locating suitable tenants, collecting rent, getting calls in the middle of the night for maintenance, and evictions. For many people, this route results in more headaches than benefits. Unless you are an experienced landlord already, this can be a difficult route to follow.


  1. Sell to a cash buyer. Cash buyers, such as True Cash Homes, are available to evaluate your house and give you a quick honest and fair cash offer. Choosing this option is fast and easy. Often, you can sell your house within a month, and sometimes as quickly as seven days. Furthermore, when selling to a cash buyer, you can select the date and time of closing for your convenience. All paperwork is handled by the cash buyer, and it is not necessary to complete any repairs or landscaping. This route is the fastest and easiest way to sell your house fast for cash.


True Cash Homes is an investment company in the business of buying houses for cash throughout the Houston and Texas areas. If you have inherited the house that you do not intend to live it, then give True Cash Homes a call today. We’ll give you an honest and fair cash price, and you, of course, are under no obligation. If you choose to sell to us, we will work with you to set a convenient date and time and will buy your house regardless of condition. Call us today and talk with one of our experienced staff to discuss how you can sell your house fast for cash. 346-444-1929.