Got a Flooded House? A Good Option is to Sell Your House Quick

There is a tremendous amount of stress associated with a flooded house. If your home was damaged during Harvey or any other storm, then you might say that that is an understatement. Even though Harvey is out of the news, the destruction and devastation brought on by the hurricane continue to linger. Everywhere you look people are still picking up the pieces and trying to put their lives and their houses back together again. Even if you are in the process of rebuilding, you may feel you’ve had enough of the hassle and are ready to sell your house quick for cash. It may be time to move on to another phase of your life.

Circumstances change. When the flood waters receded, and you were able to re-enter your home, you felt the right course of action was to clean up, rebuild, and move back in. Now, almost nine months later you may be thinking that the best course of action is to sell, pack up, sell your house quick, and move. If this describes you, then you should give us a call.

We are True Cash Homes, and we are Houston home buyers. If you are considering selling, then we are ready and able to buy your house. No matter where you are in the rebuilding process, whether you’ve only just started, are half-way through or have finished the renovation process, we are ready to make you an immediate all-cash offer for your house. Of course, we’ll take into consideration all the work you’ve done. You may be sick and tired of dealing with contractors, material shortages, looting from your work site, and hassling with landscapers. You may be thinking it’s time to sell your house quick.

No matter what condition your house is in we are buyers. We are not real estate agents; we use our funds to buy homes in the Houston area for our portfolio. We want to buy your house, no matter the condition, and if you feel like you might be interested in selling, you need to give us a call. Wherever you are in the renovation process, we’ll evaluate your property and give you a no obligation, all cash offer. There’s no need to complete all the repairs, clean up your site, and replant the landscaping. We will buy your house ‘as is,’ in whatever condition it’s in right now. There’s no need to spend any more stressful time worrying and working on your unfinished house. If you’re tired of dealing with all the problems of repairing your flooded house, you can sell your house quick to True Cash Homes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve finished your remodeling. There is no need to make any additional repairs, do any cleanup, replant any landscaping, or even mow the grass. We’ll evaluate your property, see if it’s right for our portfolio, then make you an all cash, no obligation offer. If you decide to accept our offer, we can arrange to close in as quickly as seven days, at a date and time of your choosing. You can have cash in your pocket and move on to other stages of your life. If your house was flooded or damaged, an option you should consider is to sell your house quick and leave the headaches to us. Give us a call today at 346-444-1929.