Four Easy Tips to Sell My House Quick

When you need cash or are trying to get out from under a crushing mortgage because of lost income or too much debt, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I sell my house quick?” Since the devastation of Harvey, many homeowners have been trying to get out of damaged homes they just can’t afford to repair.

Hiring an agent can be too expensive and take far too long. You need to find someone with cash to avoid waiting for them to secure mortgage approval, so call True Cash Homes for a quick, fair deal in cash.

Here are four tips to help you answer the question, “How do I sell my house quick?”

Tip #1 – Skip the Agent

A real estate agent and closing costs can take a big chunk of your home’s value. Plus, unless you are very fortunate, it could take months to find a qualified buyer. Many of the prospective buyers will want to use a VA or FHA loan. Both lenders have strict requirements for the house’s condition. You might need to make expensive repairs.

Tip #2 – Don’t Pour Money and Time into Repairs

The price of hiring a contractor and the time it will take to make the repairs on your home will impede a quick sale. Even when you do the repairs yourself, it will take time away from your job and your family. And, who’s to say the money you sink into the repairs will come back to you when you sell the property? Many repairs do not raise the resale value enough to make it worthwhile.

Tip #3 – Find Someone with Cash

Many homeowners in the Houston area have found the answer to the question, “How do I sell my house quick?” By selling their home to property investors who offer cash. Getting a cash offer for your home means you have an idea of what investors are willing to pay. Even if you do not like the proposal, you have lost nothing.

Tip #4 – Call True Cash Homes

True Cash Homes can make you an all-cash offer for your home in its present condition without all the hassle of hiring an agent, making repairs, cleaning, and showing the property. Plus, you won’t have to give an agent a 6-10 percent commission.

Instead of Asking How Can I“Sell My House Quick?” Ask Who Can Buy My House Quick?

When you need cash quickly to get out from under a crippling mortgage on a house that needs repairs, or when a divorce settlement requires a quick sale, call True Cash Homes today at (832) 648-4481 to get a substantial cash offer. Or, send an email with your questions to Also, you could also use the short contact form our website with no obligation.