Five Reasons To Get Fast Cash For Your House

If you are considering selling your house, before you sign a contract with a real estate agent, you should think about these important reasons to sell your house for cash. Signing with the real estate agent can actually be more expensive and take much longer than getting cash for your house. Here are five reasons you should think about selling your house for cash.


First, when you sell your house for cash to True Cash Homes, the transaction will be done quickly, with no hassle, and you get cash in hand almost immediately. Getting cash for your house in this way avoids the problem of your buyer getting financing which can easily fall through, leaving you with an unsold house. When you sign with a real estate agent, you are committing to tying up your house for a long period of time, and sometimes three or four months may pass before your house actually sells.


Second, cash buyers will buy your house “as is” so you are relieved of the responsibility of making expensive repairs and remodeling. This removes the stress, not to mention the cost, of getting your house in near perfect condition to sell it. We’ll inspect your house at no cost and make you a fast and fair offer.


Third, when you get cash for your house fast, you can count on closing quickly and often without any cost to you. Many times the entire transaction can be completed in 10 to 12 days. This can be a great convenience not to mention a quick way to have cash in hand.


Fourth, if you sell your house to us, we pay all the costs. With real estate agents, there are fees and commissions which take a bite out of the total cash you receive. Talk to us to get cash for your house quickly and to avoid the costs and hassle of dealing with an agent.


Finally, selling your house for cash can be a smart choice if you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, or are relocating. Sometimes all of us need to obtain cash fast or get out from under a mortgage. In these cases, it just makes sense to get cash for your house quickly. The burden and stress of trying to deal with a real estate contract, waiting for buyers to obtain financing, facing repairs, and paying for closing costs can all be eliminated by getting cash for your house.


True Cash Homes is in the business of buying houses for cash. We act quickly, take a look at your house, and give you an honest and fair offer. Should you accept our offer, we can close the deal and get cash in your hands in only a few days. Talk with us to discuss how we can work together, so you get cash for your house. Remember, you are under no obligation, and should you accept our offer, you set the date and time of closing to fit your schedule. We are at your service, so give one of our professional staff members a call at 346-444-1929. Give us a call today.