Avoid Realtor Fees and Get Cash for Your House

Some of us are still trying to make repairs from Harvey’s devastation; now, we’re looking at another hurricane season. There’s no better time than now to act, and get cash for your house before another hurricane does further damage. More damage will likely make your home less valuable.

You’ve tried selling on your own, but you don’t have the cash handy to pay for expensive advertising and repairs. Real estate agents want 6 to 10 percent of the sale of your home. Plus, there’s the inconvenience and expense of prepping for the open houses they arrange.

And, VA- and FHA-qualified buyers need expensive repairs completed before those agencies will guarantee the mortgage. If you could afford to do the necessary repairs, you would probably stay in your family home.
What can you do? The bank is threatening foreclosure, and your recently divorced spouse wants theircourt-ordered half of the proceeds from the sale.

Wait! There Are Other Options to Get Cash for Your House

Before you get frustrated by the lack of movement on selling your house, consider an unorthodox approach that can get you quick cash for your house without giving up those real estate agent fees.

In the Houston area, True Cash Homes is a family-owned and -operated investment company that will offer you cash for your house, as is.There’s no need to make repairs you can’t afford and no need to pay a real estate agent to show your property.Best of all, there’s no need to stress anymore about foreclosure and losing everything, including your credit standing, through bankruptcy.

Getting QuickCash for Your House Has Never Been Easier

Get quickcash for your housefrom True Cash Homes and avoid agent fees, foreclosure or bankruptcy. We will make you a fair, no-obligation offer for your home. What’s more, it’s all in cash, to do with what you want. Call True Cash Homes, (832) 648-4481, today.When you need fast answers, send us an email atmoises.millan@truecashhomes.com,or visit the True Cash Homes’ website to use the time-savingcontact form.